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Cory (223)

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1550 S. Steele St. 80210
Tel: 720-424-8380
Fax: 720-424-8405

Principal: Liz Tencate

Grade Levels: Grade 1 - Grade 5

Notes: Kindergarten is served through the Stephen Knight Center for Early Education

Uniforms: No
Discovery Link: Yes
Magnet Program: No
Charter School: No
Non-Traditional School: No
Intensive Pathways: No

Full-Day Preschool (ECE) for 4 year olds: No
Half-Day Preschool (ECE) for 4 year olds: No
Full-Day Preschool (ECE) for 3 year olds: No
Half-Day Preschool (ECE) for 3 year olds: No
Preschool (ECE) Classrooms Taught in Spanish: No

Full-Day Kindergarten: No
Half-Day Kindergarten: No
Kindergarten Programs Taught in Spanish: No



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Bond Information

Denver Public Schools - 2012 General Obligation Bond Project Status
Department of Facilities Management, Facilities Planning

2015 Building Code Issues Inclusive -­‐ Correct selected building code deficiencies. - Planned

2015 Fire Alarm and Detection Systems -­‐ Provide selected new fire alarm and detection system components. - Planned

2015 Hot Water Storage Tanks -­‐ Replace the domestic hot water storage tank and associated piping. - Planned

2015 Information Technology-­‐related Air Cooling System -­‐ Replace the air conditioning system in the telecommunications equipment room. - Planned

2015 Other -­‐ Cooling Generating Sys -­‐ Improvements to selected, existing mechanical equipment to enhance cooling in the building. - Planned

2015 Minor ADA Modifications. - Planned

Enrollment Data