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DCIS at Montbello HS (466)

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5000 Crown Blvd. 80239
Tel: 720-423-5900
Fax: 720-423-5930

Principal: Julio Contreras

Grade Levels: Grade 9 - Grade 12

Uniforms: Yes
Discovery Link: No
Magnet Program: No
Charter School: No
Non-Traditional School: No
Intensive Pathways: No



  • Turnaround School 2011-2012
  • Uniforms


Bond Information

Denver Public Schools - 2012 General Obligation Bond Project Status
Department of Facilities Management, Facilities Planning

2013 Operational Support Services Project. - In Progress

2014 ADA-­‐Related Improvements -­‐ Eliminate selected architectural barriers to enhance accessibility for individuals needing accommodations required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. - Planned

2014 Boiler Room Pumps and Piping -­‐ Replace pumps and associated piping within the boiler room. - Planned

2014 Building Code Issues Inclusive -­‐ Correct selected building code deficiencies. - Planned

2014 Building Remodel/Renovation Inclusive -­‐ Correct various safety issues associated with science rooms. - Planned

2014 Pool Piping & Equipment -­‐ Replace piping and make selected repairs to the swimming pool. - Planned

2014 Science Room Renovation -­‐ Building Remodel/Renovation Inclusive -­‐ Fully remodel selected areas within the facility. - Planned

Enrollment Data